The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts More than two thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle delivered this classic quote. It has stood the test of time – it’s just as true today as it was back then. Holistic medicine focuses on whole-body wellbeing and keeping both physical and mental components in alignment for ideal health and happiness. The body has many parts, but together they are a single interconnected system. When one part isn't working well, it brings down all the others. We can help! Sergey Kalitenko, MD, a holistic medical practitioner in Palm Beach Gardens, takes a holistic and customized approach to meet the unique needs of each patient. What sets his approach apart from traditional medicine is that he focuses on the fundamental causes of specific ailments in order to improve overall physical, mental and emotional health. A comprehensive consultation can reveal these…

Nothing is more important than health

Nothing is more important than health It’s easy to take our health for granted. But the moment we first get that ache, cough, fever or worrying lab result, the only thing we want is to feel like ourselves again – active, strong, and in control. No one likes to be tired, sick, or out of sorts for any longer than necessary. When our health deteriorates, we feel it in every part of our lives. It’s critical to pay attention to what our bodies are telling us – it reveals a great deal about our physical, mental, and emotional state. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Sergey Kalitenko MD

Sergey Kalitenko’s life was shaped by a horrific tragedy. When he was a young man, his beloved grandmother was diagnosed with leukemia and died. He tried everything he could to save her to no avail. However, he believed there was a way to make a difference in other people’s lives and decided to pursue a career as a doctor. At the age of 21, he proceeded to medical school and graduated from the Donetsk Medical Institute in Ukraine with a medical degree. Dr. Kalitenko became the head of the Donetsk Clinical Hospital’s Hyperbaric Oxygenation Department at the age of 27.

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Bioidentical Hormones: Hell or Heaven?

The truth and nothing but the truth. Sergey Kalitenko, MD, a board-certified physician in antiaging shares the ins and outs of bioidentical hormones-and why they are different from their synthetic, man-made counterparts.

Bioidentical Hormones: Hell or Heaven?

“So when do you think they’ll finally figure out how to cure cancer?” This simple question posed during dinner one evening sparks a conversation that will change the lives of four lifelong friends forever.


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