Dementia management in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Dementia management in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Holistic therapies for dementia

As we get older, most of us have more trouble with our memory, attention and other mental abilities, and this can lead to worries about developing dementia. If you start to notice these signs in someone you care about, you are right to be concerned. Treating Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is extremely challenging. Dementia can be caused or worsened by many other conditions, including heart failure, infections, vitamin deficiencies and even some prescription drugs. This can make it difficult to find the root cause of dementia.

Using his diagnostic skills, Dr. Sergey Kalitenko will need to first determine if there are any underlying causes of the dementia before preparing a treatment plan. He sees local patients at his office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Dr. Kalitenko has extensive experience in the field of anti-aging medicine, and he makes use of holistic and alternative techniques such as:

  • Balancing hormone levels
  • Detoxification
  • Vitamin and nutrient support

These procedures can help you:

  • Increase memory
  • Improve your focus and attention
  • Restore high energy levels
  • Sleep better

If you or your loved one is experiencing memory loss or dementia, don’t put off seeking holistic treatment for this debilitating and progressive condition.