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Sergey Kalitenko, MD is a Primary Care Physician serving Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 33404.

Imagine having a doctor who gives as much care and attention to your health as they would to their own.

A doctor who understands your problem

One day, while working long hours as a doctor in a teaching hospital, Dr. Sergey Kalitenko began to develop some unsettling symptoms. After the appropriate tests, he was diagnosed with a heart condition. He experienced the distress all patients feel when told they will have to take powerful medications for the rest of their life. But in the middle of his frustration, a friend introduced him to functional and holistic medicine, and his life was changed forever.

Not only did it help him get better without the need of any traditional treatments, but he eventually attained even better levels of health than before. Dr. Kalitenko was given the chance to live a longer, healthier life because he had found and treated the root of his health condition rather than just treating the symptoms. Moved by the power of these functional and holistic methods, he determined to apply the same approach with his patients.

In 2001, Dr. Kalitenko founded his own private practice as a primary care physician focused on holistic health. He committed to address the Root Cause of every patient’s health problem as if it were his own.

This means gathering as much information as necessary about the patient – more than can be done in a traditional 15-minute appointment. He spends time with each patient, getting to know their daily routine, lifestyle, and health habits, so he can get to the root of their problems. He thinks through all their wellness options and is willing to do whatever is needed to help them back to good health.

His focus is on wellness rather than illness, on whole body healing rather than pushing pharmaceuticals. These methods are successful and have allowed many patients to experience the joy of a positive health transformation – just as he did.

Do you need a primary care doctor?

If you don’t already have a primary care physician, the best time to look for one is before you get sick. The last thing you want to do when you come down with an illness is to be searching for a doctor who can see you on short notice – and then having to fill out reams of paperwork while trying to remember all the details of your medical history.

Whether you come down with an illness, develop an acute or chronic health condition, or want advice about a new exercise or diet plan you’re considering, your primary care doctor is the first one you turn to. In these situations, having a doctor who knows your whole-body health, inside and out, is priceless. Diagnosing a health condition correctly and finding the right treatment plan – these processes require a doctor who has an in-depth knowledge of the body’s interdependent organ systems as well as an appreciation of your own personal health status and lifestyle.

Dr. Kalitenko is trying to address all your health concerns, from minor to major. He uses the best modern diagnostic techniques, the most reliable labs in the US for accurate diagnosis, and state-of-the-art treatments. If you need more specialized treatments, he can refer you to the right specialist to treat your unique condition.

  • Is your blood pressure too high?
  • Has your weight been inching up a little too much over the years?
  • Are you looking for a healthy way to reduce stress?
  • Do you suffer from insomnia?
  • Do you constantly feel tired and fatigued?
  • Are you looking for a natural solution to anxiety?
  • Are hormone imbalances giving you hot flashes or mood swings?
  • Did you wake up with a bad flu?
  • Are you struggling with allergies? depression? low sex drive?

The range of potential health concerns covers the entire spectrum, and that’s why your primary care doctor stands ready to help you with all of them – and to do so with the compassion and understanding that you deserve.

The benefits of primary care from a holistic perspective

All primary care physicians can recognize and treat the same kinds of health concerns, but their approaches to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention may differ.

Dr. Kalitenko takes a holistic approach to treating long-term conditions like diabetes, chronic pain, and unexplained health issues. By focusing on addressing the root cause of the problem, these conditions can be addressed in a way that might eliminate many of the undesirable side effects of conventional treatments that focus only on reducing symptoms.

Dr. Kalitenko is board certified in internal medicine and has undergone rigorous training in all the different body systems, how they work together, and the diseases that can occur in each, along with their methods of treatment and prevention.

By combining the latest medical techniques with a tried-and-true holistic philosophy, it’s often possible to find natural solutions that empower the body to heal itself.

Because of his focus on treating the root cause of the problem through holistic medicine, Dr. Kalitenko might use holistic approach to treatments as much as medically possible. These include nutritional aids, vitamins, hormone therapy, lifestyle recommendations, and sleep support. The goal is not to just treat symptoms, but to develop whole body health – physical and emotional.

Our holistic approach to health

All treatments come with benefits and risks, so it’s important to identify the underlying cause of your particular problem before beginning a course of treatment. We spend the time needed to understand the root cause of your health condition so you can get the best treatment possible. This takes careful investigation, and our appointments go into more depth than what you may be used to. Reaching your full health potential includes your diet, exercise, and lifestyle. We believe in tailoring your treatment plan to you, taking all your health concerns and physical and emotional needs into consideration.

Besides addressing your general health concerns, we also offer several cutting-edge holistic treatments:

  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) – done by Dr. Mikhail Berman at As we age, critical hormone levels decline and can lead to hormone imbalances and undesirable symptoms and other health concerns. Supplementing these hormone levels – not with synthetic drugs, but with hormones that are chemically identical to the body’s own natural hormones – can correct these imbalances.
  • Intravenous (IV) vitamin and nutrient therapy. Sometimes the body has trouble getting vital nutrients from food. In these cases, direct delivery of certain vitamins and nutrients can help to treat deficiencies.
  • Complementary cancer treatment. Modern cancer treatments are powerful, but they come with strong side effects. We offer natural therapies that improve both the effectiveness of these therapies and your ability to manage side effects.
  • Detoxification. Our world is full of toxins and pollutants, ranging from the heavy metals naturally present in our environment to the synthetic chemicals that industries release into our air and water. A buildup of toxins can result in health problems with difficult-to-diagnose symptoms. A customized program of detoxification could clear these toxins from your body so your body could heal itself.
  • Aging management. Aging is a process we all go through – but by applying holistic and functional medicine techniques, we can help you navigate this process with confidence. You can maintain your health, strength, and vitality while also reducing your chance of developing age-related diseases.

Let’s talk

Whether you’re looking for a primary care doctor to help with a case of the sniffles, a chronic health condition – or you want to find out more about the natural therapies we offer – we can help!

Call us today or visit our location in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 33404 to find out more about our practice. We are easily accessible from anywhere in the Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach areas.