Weight management in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Weight management in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Don’t fight a losing battle.

With age, shedding pounds gets harder and gaining weight comes more easily. The good news is that you aren’t to blame for this frustrating situation. The issue isn’t lack of willpower! Hormone imbalances or toxins could be to blame for your obesity.

We can support your weight loss by helping you:

  • Cleanse toxins from your system
  • Avoid dangerous weight loss pills
  • Get through menopause or andropause without the usual weight gain
  • Build a plan for optimal weight management
  • Perform hormone testing and balancing
  • Learn how to eat right (you don’t need to starve!)

If you don’t want to waste any more time on the yo-yo diet, we can get you on the right track with an effective strategy. Dr. Kalitenko can help you build a holistic weight-loss plan tailored to your body and lifestyle. Feel the exhilarating surge of self-confidence, attractiveness and vitality that comes with losing weight.

It’s time to get your body back! Call or visit our Palm Beach Gardens, Florida location. We are easily accessible from anywhere in the Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach areas.